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Our Partners

Quorn Chilli Con Carne & Cauliflower Rice

All the exciting work we’re doing today, is to ensure we have a healthy tomorrow.That’s our plan for the planet. We work with a number of organisations and communities to communicate the many benefits of reducing meat consumption, for both the health our families and the planet.

Lawn Tennis Association

The Quorn Family Tennis Cup provides families with the opportunity to play tennis locally, in an enjoyable environment.

Working with Quorn we’ve been able to engage families with tennis in a fun, informal environment

Paul Cudmore, British Tennis Competition Manager

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Craft Guild of Chefs

By working with the Craft Guild of Chefs, we can ensure that the chefs of the future understand the importance of protein diversity, and that by cooking with ingredients that not only are delicious, but are kinder to our planet, everyone’s a winner.

I couldn’t think of a better partner to work with this dynamic, forward and global-thinking generation of chefs, than Quorn.

Russell Bateman, Chair of Judges, Craft Guild of Chefs Graduate Awards


We've teamed up with Netmums to share recipes and inspirations with mums across the UK.

Four Quorn products have been accredited by the parenting website, with 90% or more recommending to a friend or family.

Find out why we’re a hit with families here.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Learn more about how Quorn is made

Watch our video to learn more about how Quorn® is made. We take a different approach to producing protein, using mycoprotein in all Quorn products, for the benefit of the planet.

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