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2018-19 Gender Pay Report

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, all large companies employing 250 people or more are required to report the following information:

  • Gender pay gap (mean and median figures)
  • Gender bonus gap (mean and median figures)
  • Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment
  • Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile

To add some context to the information that we are reporting it is useful to know that our workforce is currently 39% female and 61% male; and that all data is based around the snapshot date of 5 April 2018.

At Quorn® we have a simple message, to bring people delicious and exciting food that is good for them and good for the planet. Our employees are our biggest asset and without them we wouldn’t be able to make this happen.

We are passionate about employing, developing and retaining the best people. We are confident that the salaries we pay reflect the role that individuals fulfil and the contribution that they make. Pay is not determined by their gender, or any other aspect of diversity.

Certain areas of the business which are predominately male have a low turnover, as people don’t leave us very often we recognise it will take time to address the gender pay gap.

Gender pay gap
Gender pay gap

Mean and median bonus gap

Out of the 82 employees who received a bonus, the split of employees receiving a bonus as proportion of Male and Female headcount is as follows:

Bonus gap
Bonus gap


Our gender bonus gap is primarily driven by having more men than women on our leadership team, and these employees attract a higher level of bonus. The number of women in the upper quartile has increased from the 2016-17 reporting period due to more highly paid females being hired.

Upper Quartile69%31%
Upper Middle Quartile61%39%
Lower Middle Quartile58%42%
Lower Quartile56%44%

Quorn Foods is committed to providing equal pay for all our employees, as set out in our Equal Pay Policy. We conduct a regular equal pay review to ensure that we pay our staff fairly, equitably and without discrimination by gender, ethnicity, disability or any other protected characteristic.

How will we work towards reducing our gender pay gap?

At Quorn Foods we recognise there is still work to be done to address our gender pay gap.

Some of the actions we are working on to achieve this goal include:

  • We are currently implementing a new applicant tracking system which will be used to fill all future vacancies, this will enable us to encourage hiring managers to shortlist a balanced and diverse set of candidates.
  • We are completing a review of company policies and as part of this will be promoting our existing policy of flexible working and shared parental leave to ensure this is accessible to everyone.
  • We are committed to continuing to run management development programmes which have an equal ratio of male and female participants.

We are confident that these initiatives will help Quorn Foods to reduce its gender pay gap moving forwards.

I can confirm our data is accurate.

Kevin Brennan
Chief Executive